Why Choose Star Mesh Body?

Why choose Star Mesh Body? I’ve worn many heads and bodies in Second Life and I can honestly tell you that I’ve never worn one as amazing as the Star Mesh body and no other compares on price value. 

I have been wearing the Star Mesh Body since 2020 and I can’t imagine wearing anyone else’s. I didn’t automatically transition to this body. In fact, I struggled a bit to accept it but Shahzad, the body creator and one of my best friends, wouldn’t settle for no. He insisted he was going to create a head that I would fall in love with and persisted until he came up with a design I couldn’t resist. I have been a Star Mesh Girl ever since. The story doesn’t end there. 

I am a girl with many alts. Don’t ask me why. It wasn’t planned. It’s just one of those things that came to be over many years. lol. Anyway, I have made it my mission to outfit each alt with a body from different designers so that I could learn the ins and outs of each body and some of the mainstream heads on the market.

Let me tell you something. The first thing I can think of when comparing other heads and bodies to Star Mesh is the cost difference! After paying out for the body, the head, the skins, the shapes, the sex organs, clothing and everything else in between that goes into outfitting a proper SL body, I found that I would usually end up spending at least 10 thousand linden! That is an insane amount of money to spend for a virtual reality character, especially if you’re a beginner or new to SL.

Compare that to the cost of a Star Mesh Body that only costs $4500L for the entire setup, including 2 heads, the body, skins, makeups, clothing, an incredibly dynamic hud, sooo many extras and bells and whistles, and you realize quickly how insane it is to not make the Star Mesh choice.

I’ve heard the argument about new bodies and the availability for clothing being made but with the Star Mesh Body, you get a conformer included in your purchase that allows you to wear clothing made for classic avatars and most Maitreya bodies! I mean.. really… out of the box and she’s already compatible and ready to go! She’s BOM and lel Evox compatible so you have no shortage of skins and accessories you can dress her up with.

I get it… some people might say, “You get what you pay for.”. Well this is one instance where I have to disagree. NO OTHER BODY available comes with all of the amazing, quality options that the Star Mesh Body does. In fact, none even come with their own heads that are so incredibly amazing right out of the box. There’s no comparison really. The Star Mesh Body even comes with an amazing character builder kit that allows you to create any Na’vi or feline character you desire, equipped with yet another head, another set of nails & claws, so many unique skins, clothing and way more. You will NEVER get this much value from another creator. It might seem too good to be true but it really isn’t.

All you have to do is look at some of the amazing photos of ladies wearing this body to see the craftsmanship and quality that has gone into her. 

And if you’re someone who enjoys the sexy side of SL and having fun with your partner in the erotic arena, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised at her hyper realistic genitalia and its functionality. Again, this is another area that she exceeds beyond all other bodies on the market that I’ve seen. Even Reborn can’t compete. Most bodies require you to purchase an ADDITIONAL addon to enable you to have a realistic vagina and you still have the issue of realism. The vagina AND anal cavity built into the Star Mesh Body actually opens and closes like a normal body part. There is a real cavity that allows for penetration! Not just some nicely textured addon that gives the illusion of depth. And if you’re not into that sort of thing or need to hide the genitals, you can do that too. The nipples have five states, from Barbie doll boobs to very erect and aroused nipples with a large selection of skin tones & styles to choose.

There is an RP kit addon that you can purchase separately for a modest price that allows you even more functionality for the girl who loves erotic play. And the cum layers… OMG. SO hyper realistic! It drives the men wild! Compared to the other cum systems on the market… well… there IS NO comparison! Star is the superstar here! The cum layers feature a silky smooth pearly cum texture that beads and splashes on the skin like it would in RL. There’s so much more to be said for this RP kit but I think we will save that for another time. It deserves a platform of its own!

One of my favorite features about this body is the seamless blending of materials. Because it comes as a head/body combo, the materials blend seamlessly and everything is controlled in just one HUD! There’s no need for multiple HUDs that perform different functions. You get all of it in one, easy to navigate HUD. You also have the option to use the light HUD for quick on the go options. This reduces your sim impact & script lag. And if you love the head you are currently wearing, you can still wear that, although, you’ll truly be missing out on some amazing features. 

You can read more about my overall Star Mesh Body price comparison and how it stacks up to other bodies on my own website HERE

If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, I encourage you to check out the body demo and give Star a test run for yourself. Get that HERE!

Article written by Bonny Greenwood of Mindgardens Creations

Why Choose Star Mesh Body

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