Batwing Witch

Batwing Witch Costume

Batwing Witch Style Card 

Spice up your Halloween adventures with this stunning Batwing Witch Costume by M&M. Find out how to achieve this sexy witch look!
  • Head: [HEAD]StarPRO_3.85_EVOX
  • Shape: M&M (free in-world)
  • Dress: M&M Batwing Witch Costume
    (includes hat, lace-up boots, claws, dress & more)
  • Body Skin: YS&YS Raven T02 Nobrows BOM
    Green tint achieved through Star Mesh HUD
  • Face Skin: Amara Beauty Daphne Porcelain
  • Eyes: Starmesh Body Hud
  • Makeup: Starmesh Body Hud
  • Hair & Hat: M&M (comes with witch costume)
  • Hairbase: Starmesh Body Hud
  • Jewelry: M&M (Halloween Sets)
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