How Star Came to Be:

The Star Mesh Body was created in response to the need for a beautiful body and head combination that offers more flexibility and better features than what was currently on the market. Many hours were spent researching the female form before Star was created to ensure a realistic, curvy figure that represented a woman’s natural curves and shape. A realistic body that didn’t emulate that of the Barbie doll was one of the important features the Star body had to embody. 

The Star Mesh Body evolution has developed into a beautiful female form that any woman could be proud of. One of the features that makes this head and body combo so unique and special is that they work together in unison via the same HUD. They share the same materials which means you will never have to worry about seam lines or materials not matching between the head and body.

It is vitally important to the Star Mesh Team that the body and its range of skins and accessories adequately represent the diversity in every woman’s shape and skin tones. We invite other creators to also add their own spin to the Star body by becoming an SMB creator. We happily welcome skin tones and shapes that increase the options available to Star Mesh Body wearers.

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Star Mesh Body Team

The Star Mesh Body is supported by a wonderful team of designers & innovative individuals, many whom have been a part of the Star Mesh journey from the beginning. We would like to introduce you to our amazing team members.

Meet the Team!

  • SMB Owner/Creator: Shahzad Kharg
  • SMB Owner/Marketing & Promotions: Starlite Steampunk
  • SMB – Marketing & Star Market Manager – Labits
  • SMB Promotions & Events Coordinator – “Kinamailie” 
  • SMB – Creator & Web Designer – Bonny Greenwood
  • SMB – Creator – Celestine Ghiardie
  • SMB – Creator – Goonther Blackcinder
  • SMB – Creator – Vincent (slashfury733)
  • Starlite Realms Manager/Creator – Bonny Greenwood
 We encourage you to check out our Gallery to see Star in action or to get ideas for styling your own SMB!