The most realistic body in Second Life!

Star Mesh Head & Body System Features:

Looking for the most realistic female mesh body in Second Life? The Star Mesh Body & Head system is among the very best on the market!

  • Now lel-EvoX compatible!! (EVOX or SLUV)
  • Two Bento Heads (Baby & Pro)
  • All new advanced HUD!
  • Body Conformer (allows you to wear Classic & most Maitreya clothes)
  • Bakes on Mesh compatible (BOM)
  • Advanced Mesh Body shaper in HUD
  • Advanced Color & Material Customization
  • Full HUD & Light HUD for less lag!
  • Updated Facial Animations (20 face poses & 10 mood animations)
  • Bento hands with 14 hand positions (rude finger included)
  • Alpha Cut Options for Every Need!
  • Awesome new & improved makeups, nails & more!
  • Several skin options including spotty, natural, dry, mature, oily & wet!
  • Additional body modifier add-ons for further customization (big girl, flat tummy, breast & butt modifications)
  • Wiggly elf & pixie ear modifiers in 6 sizes.
  • Wear Mesh clothes for other mesh bodies via conformer add-on (sold separately)
  • All skin & appliers provided in SL-UV format for BOM
  • Four body layers for appliers (skin, tattoo, underwear, cloths)
  • Excellent body rigging
  • 10 skin tones + 5 with freckles & custom shapes
  • BOM optimized single layer body also included
  • 4 feet shapes & ankle lock
  • Head Animation Lock & Genital Lock Options (or hide the bits!)
  • Compatible with Slink & Maitreya shoes (foot size dependent)
  • Unscripted modifiable body layers for experienced users to customize
  • Outfits, BOM skins, cosmetics, clothes & more included in package
  • Custom materials for each layer
  • Realistic looking & functional female bits that open & close
  • Several nipple shapes (none, normal, aroused, super aroused)
  • Free updates! (always something new & exciting on the horizon)
  • Applied for Omega Compatibility & will update when available
  • More Add-ons always under development! (ie: pregnancy body, new heads, flat chest & more)
  • Sex hud compatibility (Get the awesome RP kit to go with this body!)
  • Don’t like the way the hud looks? Change the theme!
  • Too many options to list! She’s everything you ever dreamed of & more!
  • Undeniably the most realistic female mesh body in SL!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Star Mesh Body is unique in that it has a body conformer available that will allow your Star Mesh Body to conform to fit classic mesh clothes and most things made for Maitreya bodies. This conformer is now included in part of the Star Mesh Body package at no additional cost.

Star Mesh Body comes ready to wear Slink shoes but we have a new addon that will allow her to also wear shoes fit for Maitreya as well as hands that fit Maitreya items. These items and their adapters will be found in your additional meshes folder in your Installer HUD.

Yes we do and we encourage other developers to create for the Star Mesh Body.

  • Dev-Kit is available in Blender, FBX and 3dsMax format.
  • All the Dev-Kits are free.
  • Please send notecard Shahzad Kharg or Starlite Steampunk in Secondlife explaining what type of kit is required.
  • Or fill out our Online Application to submit your request.

Of course and we hope that you do! It’s absolutely essential that you feel comfortable in the body you wear and we’re certain that once you get a chance to experience the vast amount of options you get with Star Mesh Body, you will be hooked. Try the realistic female mesh body today & find out why it’s the best!

Try Demo Now!

Yes, we have several guides that can help you through the process of setting up and using your Star Mesh Body. If you’re a visual person like many are, you might find our Youtube channel to be a great resource of assistance. We also offer some assistance through our website. We also have a guide on how to use your Star Mesh HUD.

Whilst we may not always be available to assist, we do try to help where possible. We also have a Star Mesh group in-world that you may find helpful as many users there are happy to assist.

You can sometimes find the Star Mesh Body at events & satellite shops but our main shop can be found HERE. We can also be found on the Marketplace.

Wearing the Star Mesh head isn’t absolutely necessary but you do lose some functionality and features when you go with other designer heads. One of the most important benefits of using a head & body from the same creator is that when you activate materials, everything will flow seamlessly and your avatar will have the maximum benefit of ultra graphics settings in SL. While skins can be purchased that flow seamlessly, materials are native to the creator’s head and body and they may not always match. The Star Mesh hud is also configured to control both head and body, giving you less huds to clutter up your screen, meaning less lag.

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