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So you’ve made the switch to the Star Mesh Body and you’re not quite sure where to begin. Second Life fashion can be fun and exciting but for some, it can also be daunting and overwhelming, with so many options to choose from. We simply adore this pretty in pink outfit.

Maybe you are a girl who loves the exotic look or maybe you simply want to look like the sweet girl next door. No matter what look you’re going for, there are plenty of options out there to help you achieve just the right look that fits you and your personality. 

The Star Mesh Body is unique in that it can easily conform to fit classic body clothes and a huge variety of Maitreya clothes so you’re never without heaps of options to dress your body the way you like to dress.

There is also a lovely assortment of clothing and accessories made specifically for the Star Mesh Body. A simple browse on the Marketplace or a visit to just the right shop will unveil many wonderful options. It’s always best when you can get the full advantage of this curvaceous body. Today, we will begin by going over some of the items worn here and where you can find them. 

Outfit: Find it Here!
This gorgeous pretty in pink outfit can be purchased as an entire set through Star Mesh Body’s own Sew ‘n Sew marketplace. Designed by Shahzad Kharg, the body creator himself, this lovely outfit is available in a variety of colors and will also be available in the future in an exciting fantasy-based version. We will cover that when it’s available. 

Hair: Find it Here!
The beautiful blonde hair was purchased from “No Match”. It’s their “No Betrayal Style 1” with the blonde hair pack. Who doesn’t love that slightly messy yet elegant look? So easy to wear with almost anything and is almost never in the way of your clothes or body parts. It’s the perfect hair for so many reasons.

Whilst the Star Mesh Body comes pre-configured with a gorgeous variety of skins you can wear right out of the box, most ladies still love to find that perfect skin that makes them feel unique and amazing. Sometimes, this can be achieved through a combination of options that when put together, create the perfect look. In this case, the skin shown in this photo was achieved by combining options from three creators.

  • The base skin tone for the body itself was purchased from YS&YS and is worn via the BOM option in the hud. 
  • The face skin is utilizing the lel EvoX compatibility now available for the Star Mesh Body. This skin was picked up from Amara Beauty over the Christmas Holidays as a freebie and has been a most cherished addition ever since. The one we use in this photo is the Daphne Porcelain with No Brows. We used a brow option from the Star Mesh Hud instead.
  • The freckles were an awesome addon that we found on the Second Life Marketplace by [REVERIE]. Worn are the Face Freckles and Body Freckles. We really loved the options given for these freckles and how they sprinkled over the body in just the right places with optional moles as well. It really added a solid touch of realism to the look and feel of the skin. Add in the materials provided in the hud, and it’s simply stunning!
  • The makeup, eyes & other features you see can be found in the Star Mesh Body HUD itself and you can adjust the tones and tints to achieve just the perfect look to suit your tastes.

Shape: Find it Here!
The shape is a customization by Bonny Greenwood owner of Mindgardens Creations & co-owner of M&M Designs. This particular shape is available for FREE in the M&M Shop. Simply locate the gift box at the front desk and take your copy if you like the way it looks here.

Last but not least is the jewelry seen here. The Updated 3.85 Star Mesh Body pack comes with a really awesome jewelry addon that allows you to simply wear one piece of jewelry that you can modify via the HUD. This gives you options to wear jewelry pieces all over the Star Mesh Body. You simply switch the options on and off via the HUD.

Also worn is the Star Mesh Body jewelry set that is available for FREE at M&M Merc & Mindgardens

Learning to wear your Star Mesh Body with style and flair is easy but sometimes it helps to have a few extra tips and suggestions. We want every Star Mesh lady to truly feel like a superstar when they wear this body. If you have any questions about the pretty in pink look you see here, please feel free to drop me an IM or a notecard and I will do my best to assist you! -Bonny Greenwood

Pretty in Pink Star Mesh Body

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