Star Mesh Add-on

The Panthoria Add-on is a very special collaboration between the creators of Star Mesh Body and Mindgardens Creations and comes with a plethora of amazing features and special features. We understand some of these features might be confusing so we hope to be able to simplify this a bit for you and provide you with some additional information to help you get your avatar setup how you want it.

The Panthoria Character Builder Kit Add-on is a Star Mesh Exclusive and whilst some parts may work universally a cross different bodies, many parts require the Star Mesh Body to function. We are only selling this add-on for the Star Mesh Body and will not offer support for it to be used on other bodies.

We have included options for both BOM and HUD controlled skin. If you use the BOM skins, make sure you are not wearing any alphas as it will interfere where as if you decide to use the included skin hud, you will need to wear the body alpha that comes with the Star Mesh Body (also included in this pack). There is a BOM button built onto the HUD for you to select before moving to BOM that will enable all BOM features to work for you.

Also included for BOM skins are two options.

  1. Universal skin textures. These will allow you to change the normal skin portions plus the tail at once.
  2. Normal skin textures. These are the usual skin files but they will not change the tail. You will need to use the HUD or Universal skins. You most likely will never need the normal skins but they are included in case you do.

The Panthoria body parts and skins are designed to work seamlessly with the Star Mesh Body HUD. You will be able to adjust the colors, materials and other features as you would normally. This includes the claws and paws. As with any body, you can further customize your character with clothes and accessories from other creators. If you purchase the Conformer Add-on, you will be able to use that to fit your Star Mesh Body into clothing made for other bodies! This automatically expands your customization options!

We have included a plethora of extras for this character to allow you ultimate customization of your character. In addition to the numerous features and options that come with the Star Mesh Body itself, you have additional bits included in this kit that extend your character’s options. What isn’t controlled by the HUD, can usually be edited in edit mode as we have left most parts copy/mod for ease of use.

  • Includes skins for Panthoria & rival, Fyfuz of the Cheetarian clan
  • Star Mesh hud compatible
  • Fully integrated with Star Mesh Body
  • Multiple skin tones & variations
  • 3 Custom Shapes
  • BOM Optimized
  • Includes custom head, claws, paws, fangs, skins, eyes, ears, hair, clothes, whiskers, tail, body & face glow accessories & more!
  • Unlimited possibilities & character options. Perfect for role-play!
  • Star Mesh Body sold separately.

The Panthoria addon can be found at the Star Mesh Body Main Store along with the Star Mesh Body system. This add-on is free with every purchase of the Star Mesh Body!